Gray and Tan Living Room Ideas

Gray is an awesome color. It comes as no surprise that people use it a lot for decorating. Now it is your turn to make the space more appealing with a combination of gray and tan. When it comes to gray and tan living room ideas, understand that both colors are so calming. There is no denying that bold colors can make a powerful statement in a room, but without lighter tones to offset the aggressive vibe, the room can look out of place.

Decorating with gray

You don’t have to be an expert to know how to apply this color in the living room. The first rule of thumb, don’t mix gray and green. Although both colors are natural, they don’t seem to work together. There are other hues that can replace green, such as khaki and olive. Finding a color to accompany gray is not hard mainly because gray is considered neutral. These colors are known for their ability to offset bold colors.

To maintain balance in the room, it is also a good idea to add some warm tones like yellow or orange. Orange is a unique color, but not everyone dares to pull it off. When it is applied to a large portion of a room, it will stick out like a sore thumb. The same goes for yellow, you must be more careful to use these tones. Gray is pretty light, meaning that it tends to reflect light instead of absorbing it. If the room is painted mostly gray, then don’t install too many lights because it will be too bright in the room.

Decorating with tan

Tan and gray makes a perfect combo. Both colors complement each other very well. The best thing that we like about this combination is the soothing effect. If you want to put tan at the forefront, then apply it to the most prominent things in the room, such as the sofa set, curtains, and other furnishings. Otherwise, you can use it as a backdrop. It will work either way, just make sure the color spreads evenly throughout the room. Meanwhile, gray can be used for the walls and other areas. That’s gray and tan living room ideas.

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